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Analytical Spheres

Analytical Spheres are fluorescent powder microspheres that come in different colors that emit intense fluorescent color under ultraviolet (UV) light and exhibit simple storability without aggregation or need dispersants. On a microscale level, Analytical Spheres are uniform spheres with round surface capsule particles. They have defined and distinct sizes ranging from 1 μm to several 100 μm in diameter. The dry bulk material's non-aggregation and free-flowing rheological characteristics allow the microspheres to spread statistically and evenly over a surface.

Microscopic photo of Green Analytical Spheres (TM)

The Masterful Microcapsules

Below is a microscopic photo of a perfect spherical round surface 10 μm in diameter size Analytical sphere particle. Engineered by Ophelia Microcapsules with the highest precision and quality so that it doesn’t aggregate and perform free-flowing rheological characteristics of the dry bulk material allowing the capsules to spread statistically and evenly over a surface.

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Innovative technology 

Designed for no release & no aggregation under challenging conditions.
The Shell Technology

The shell material is made up of durable and lightweight ethyl cellulose polymer, a stable, robust, sustainable, natural, and biodegradable material. The fluorescent is safely and reliably enclosed in the polymer shell without releasing or degrading the core substance in different rough environments.

The Core Technoloy

Fluorescent technology, the core material of the Analytical Spheres is composed of fluorescent dyes of different colors, each with a high intensity at a specific wavelength. The capsules, therefore, are visible with the use of a UV light source.

Create new standards

The transformative potential of the Analytical Spheres redefines industry standards for critical & sensitive high-tech applications. With the versatile impact of the Analytical Spheres in many industries, we strive to challenge and improve upon existing standards and innovations for significant advancements in several sectors.


Explore the application section to see how we revolutionize your industry.


Advantages & Features

No aggregation

Analytical Spheres are carefully designed and processed to ensure they do not aggregate in the powder stage, providing a convenient, highly portable, easy handling and process.

Material Handling

Easy material handling, No suspension preparation is required.

Quantifiable results

Quantified and detectable, even at low concentrations, due to their non-aggregation and strong, specific fluorescence signals.

Precession & quality

High diameter precision down to 1 µm.


High sensitivity and specificity of the visualization models and analytical methods.


Fits a wide range of applications thanks to its versatility. Engineered with various sizes, shapes, and surface chemistries to suit multiple applications.

High sphericity

Provides high particle mobility, Low friction with the surface, and smooth spreadability.

Analytical material

Ideal particle tracer for air, liquid, and sediments in the most sensitive particle simulation, surface flow analysis, and critical diagnostic applications.


Real-time particle tracing of sensitive flow visualization and modelling applications without complex machinery.


Tri-Lumina SpaceSphere, Specially designed for high standards of quality control inspection. 

PhotoRoom_20230330_103352 2.PNG

Duo-Lumina SpaceSphere, Specially designed for high standards of Technical Cleanliness inspection.

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Available in multiple colors & diameter sizes to suit the needs of multiple applications.

Diverse Product Options

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