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Technical Cleanliness

Analytical Spheres with multiple intense fluorescent colors, the most diameter size precision, and perfect sphericity shape are ideal inspection materials for technical surface cleanliness in the industrial manufacturing process and medical setups. The fluorescent Microspheres with different diameter sizes can be used in a powder state to simulate and visualize various sediments to measure how clean the manufacturing line is and how efficient the cleaning process is.

How efficient is your cleaning process? Does it perform to specifications? Let us validate it in real time

A look at how it works 
technical cleanliness_edited.jpg

Contaminated surface - under UV light

technical cleanliness_edited.jpg

First cleaning process- under UV light

technical cleanliness_edited_edited.jpg

Second cleaning process- under UV light

A look at distinctive Benefits

Visualized measurements 

  • Visualize and measure the technical cleanliness of the components, the medical devices, and the assembly line.

  • Understand and predict different particles flow and sickness to the surface during and after cleaning.

  • Develop a better cleaning process and monitor it frequently.

Quality assurance and durability

Technical cleanliness with enhanced detection limits in critical – safety components:

  • Particles between moving Parts. 

  • Particles between electrical contacts.

  • Particles in injection nozzles.

  • Particles in syringes and implants.

Unique fluorescent microspheres

  • High-diameter precision sizes starting from 5 µm to 150 µm.

  • Easy material handling. No suspension preparation is required.

  • Use in powder state. No aggregation or clumping.

  • Stable in a different testing environment.

  • Available in different colors.

The Duo Kit 

Engineered and tested kit solution for technical cleanliness. All that you need in one kit. Unlock the power of real-time, high-accuracy technical cleaning validation. 

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