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Advanced Microencapsulation Technology

Company Philosophy

We  believe in excellence and precision.

Ophelia Microcapsules is committed to serving the deep-tech industry with the highest-quality microcapsules that fulfill unique industry standards. Our customer-centric approach is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and challenges and to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet their requirements. We have specialized in the needs of customers with the highest demands to break new ground together.

Who are we

Particles with the highest precision and defined size control


Sep 28, 2023

FiT2clean Award 2023

Second place of the innovation prize for component cleaning, FiT2clean Award.


May 3, 2023

We are on TV

Analytical Spheres was recently featured on "PM-Wissen" on Servus TV, highlighting our innovative technology in contamination control in the aerospace industry.



Innovation for Cleanroom industry

Our cutting-edge Analytical Spheres offer a revolutionary solution for Cleanroom contamination control. Designed specifically for the clean room industry, these high-precision particles provide real-time, accurate, and reliable tracking of contaminants, enabling you to optimize your cleaning procedures and maintain an ideal environment.




Microencapsulation is the process of producing microcapsules, which are small carrier systems that transport active substances. The technology involves enclosing active ingredients within a protective shell. In general, there are two types of microencapsulation:

Encapsulation with no release, where microcapsules are protected from the external environment, prevents unwanted reactions and enhances its properties, such as non-stick behavior.

Encapsulation with release where a sustained, precisely controlled release of active ingredients is required over a long period of time, improves the overall stability and effectiveness of products such as drugs.

Analytical Spheres
Low-aggregated, UV Active Powder

Our team of passionate experts with years of knowledge and expertise has developed a microcapsule powder that combines precise particle sizes and low aggregation properties. The invention led to our innovative Analytical Spheres technology, designed to enhance quality control measures in major industries.

Engineered by Ophelia Microcapsules, the dry bulk, fluorescent material with rheological characteristics that allow the microspheres to spread evenly over a surface allowing statistical measurements. The technology creates novel contamination and cleanliness control applications, allowing for quantitative and visual real-time analysis for sensitive measurements in every environment and according to high standards.

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Ensuring an immaculately clean room setting

Quantitative analysis

Advanced particle counting sets new standards of the detection limit. 

Dead corner detection

Flow optimization during the design process to prevent dead corner contamination.

Visual colour coded

Enhance the confidence and reliability with real time visual validation.

Our Products

The Analytical Spheres Collection

Our collection of Analytical Spheres is now available in a range of fluorescent colors, each produced by rigorous quality control measures, ensuring every product meets our high standards of uniform sphericity shape and precise diameter size. The Analytical Spheres come in various diameter ranges: 1 μm, 2-5µm, 5-10µm, 10-20µm, and up to several 100 μm.  



Tailored for the cleanroom industry, Analytical Spheres enable effortless material handling and heightened detection sensitivity, maintaining a contaminant-free environment. Discover how we can help you.


Technical Cleanliness

Visualize various sediments to measure the efficiency of the cleaning process. 


Surface Inspection

Locate the slightest discontinuities in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Contamination Control

Advanced quantitative color coded cross contamination control.

Career at Ophelia

Join our team of passionate, innovative, and international talent who believe in the power of microcapsules. Check out our current openings to learn more and apply for opportunities to grow your career.

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