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Sanitizing Surfaces

Wiping towel surface cleaning inspectio

Wiping towel surface cleaning inspection refers to the assessment of cleanliness by visually inspecting the surface of a wiping towel after it has been used for cleaning purposes. This inspection method involves examining the towel for visible signs of dirt, residue, or contaminants that may have been transferred from the cleaned surface.

The current state of the art

Wiping towel surface cleaning inspection is a qualitative assessment technique that relies on the naked eye to detect visible signs of cleanliness or contamination, which provides a basic level of cleanliness assessment. Therefore, it is often complemented by a swab tests  with samples sent to a lab for analysis.

Limitation & Challenges 


Visual inspection is subjective and can result in overlooking small or non-visible contaminants.

Non-representative Sample

Swab tests may not capture all contaminants and require time-consuming laboratory analysis.

Not sure


Streamlined cleaning verification with fluorescent precision

technical cleanliness_edited.jpg

Analytical Spheres provide an easy pass/fail criteria for cleaning effectiveness through UV light inspection of towels, with the presence or absence of fluorescent spheres indicating the success or failure of the cleaning process. This straightforward assessment ensures a clear determination of cleanliness standards.

The advantage of the solution 

Realistic Simulation


Analytical Spheres' controlled size and shape simulate particle behavior, ensuring reliable cleaning process assessment.


Quick and Accurate Assessment

The presence or absence of fluorescent spheres on the towels indicates the success or failure of the cleaning process.

Efficient Detection

Identifying Analytical Spheres is an effortless task that can efficiently pinpoint areas in need of extra cleaning.

The Analytical Spheres

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Browse our product cataloge

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