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Cleaning Verification in Complex Geometrical Surfaces

Technical cleanliness of small parts and components refers to the absence of contaminants, ensuring optimal performance. It is vital to prevent potential issues such as wear, malfunctions, or failures caused by the presence of particles or foreign substances. Maintaining technical cleanliness is crucial for guaranteeing the reliability and longevity of the parts and components in various industries.

The current state of the art

Cleaning effectiveness for small components or parts can be assessed through various methods such as visual inspection, swab testing, gravimetric analysis, or particle counting. In the case of complex geometrical surfaces and intricate parts, cleaning verification is often accomplished using visual inspection or Riboflavin testing. The objective is to visually confirm that all surfaces have been in contact with the cleaning solution, ensuring thorough cleanliness.

Limitation & Challenges 

Incomplete Surface Coverage

Being in solution form, may not effectively reach or adhere to all surfaces, especially intricate or hard-to-reach areas.

Limited Detectability

Hard to detect contaminants that are not easily visible or may be present in small quantities. 

Not sure


Precise evaluation with Analytical Spheres

cross contamination_edited_edited.png

Analytical Spheres provide a highly effective solution for cleaning verification, offering superior coverage to intricate, complex, and small surfaces. Their fluorescent properties under UV light enable clear visibility of any remaining contamination, ensuring a thorough cleanliness evaluation. With their standardized size and excellent sphericity, Analytical Spheres are a reliable reference for microscopic contaminants, facilitating more accurate and detailed cleanliness assessments.

The advantage of the solution 

Enhanced Coverage


Analytical Spheres in dry, powder form can effectively reach complex geometrical surfaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage during cleaning verification.


Detailed Cleanliness Evaluation

Countable Spheres enable standardized cleanliness assessments, ensuring accuracy and quality control for small components and parts.

Standardized Assessment

With the known size and excellent sphericity of Analytical Spheres, a reliable reference point is established, enabling more accurate and detailed assessments.

The Analytical Spheres

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Discover More Applications

Browse our product cataloge

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Find their way into tiny cracks, making them visible under UV light.

Cleanroom Filtration Systems Efficiency

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Verification of Towels Surface Cleaning.

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Cleaning Effectiveness for Small Components & Parts

High confidence while assessing the cleanliness of small components or parts

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