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Analytical Spheres are proven analytical material in the aerospace industry to provide high precession and reliable contamination control studies and inspection for particles down to 5 microns, it is one of the most accurate, quantitative, and convenient solutions for flow visualization and understanding patterns and behaviors for different particles. Analytical Spheres and a UV light without complex machinery do all. This is especially useful for designing self-cleaning parts, surface inspection, cleanliness inspection, and clean room improvements. There are more promising use cases for the Analytical spheres. Including real-time astronaut suits safety inspections and visualization, self-identifying wears and fatigues parts. Are you interested in enhancing your inspection and design process for residual visualization? See our special product kit for the Aerospace industry.

Solutions for high Tech industries

Our advanced Analytical Spheres are specifically designed to address the most complex challenges faced by the high-tech industry. Dive into a world of possibilities as we demonstrate how Analytical Spheres are revolutionizing processes, optimizing performance, and enhancing customer reliability in crucial industries.




Analytical Spheres provides the highest detection limits for residual visualization in critical and complex parts such as engines and breaks systems. The innovative solution helps reveal design shortcomings and identify design flow away in advance in the design process. The frequent testing through the design, manufacturing, and testing process can highlight any future problems by providing a real-time particle visualization. It is a great solution to reduce risk and real-time validation of the part's cleanliness and Hight quality standards, in addition to non-destructive detection of the finest cracks and fatigues in any surface, ferrous and non-ferrous alike, leak detection, maintenance labeling and more innovative solutions. Interested in taking your automotive business to new quality and technical cleanliness standards? See our engineered kit solution for the automotive industry.


Clean Rooms

Analytical spheres are an innovative solution in clean rooms. It provides a wide range of benefits in particle tracing, airflow, and particle behaviors in different sizes and with different surfaces. It provides visual mentoring and predicting surface contamination opportunities to understand the interaction between different elements and systems. It’s a non-destructive tool that is safe and easy to use, so frequent testing doesn’t interrupt the functionality or require a unique cleaning process. The creative Analytical Spheres support the researcher in identifying the source of contamination and tracing the contamination path, as well as in training, education, and validation of the cleaning process.


Can't See Your Industry? Explore the Possibilities

Contact us today to discuss possible applications of our microencapsulation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Join our growing clientele, constantly discovering new use cases and driving innovation daily.

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