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Air Pressure

Air Flow Visualization

Airflow visualization involves analyzing the movement and patterns of air in a specific area or system, providing valuable insights for optimizing ventilation, identifying potential issues, and improving overall airflow efficiency.

The current state of the art

Traditional methods for visualizing airflow patterns include smoke studies and fog tests. These methods involve the generation of visible smoke or fog to illustrate the direction, speed, and overall pattern of air movement in indoor environments such as cleanrooms. Such visualization aids in maintaining cleanliness and avoiding contamination by verifying that the air is flowing correctly.

Limitation & Challenges 

Hard to Measure

Provide qualitative analysis, not exact quantitaive measurments.

Dificult to Standarize

Lack of comprehensive protocols and acceptance criteria.

Unrealistic Simulation

Fall short of mimicking the behavior of actual airborne particles.

Analytics Spheres for advanced
airflow visualization 

Analytical Spheres, with their defined size and low-aggregating properties in the powder stage, can be utilized for more accurate and quantitative visualization of airflow patterns. These fluorescent microspheres act like realistic dust or airborne particles, providing an authentic representation of how particles behave in the air.

The advantage of the solution 

Realistic Particle Simulation

The small and defined size of the perfect spheres particles, acurately simulate the behavior of dust and airborne particles in real life scenarios.

Quantitative Analysis

The combination of low aggregation and color-coded particle sizes enables enhanced optical counting, and facilitate quantitative data collection.

Improved Data Collection Visibility

Under UV light, the color-coded particle sizes allow for better visualization in complex zones ensuring clear identification and analysis of each individual particle.

The Analytical Spheres

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Discover More Applications

Browse our product cataloge

Crack Detection in Various Materials

Find their way into tiny cracks, making them visible under UV light.

Cleanroom Filtration Systems Efficiency

Innovative Solution to accurately determining the number of particulates that reach the HEPA level.

Verification of Towels Surface Cleaning.

Enhance the visual verification of wiping towels by the power of the glowing Analytical Spheres

Air Flow Visualisation

Discover the power of Analytical Spheres for tracking contaminants spread through air movement in indoor environments.

Cleaning Effectiveness for Small Components & Parts

High confidence while assessing the cleanliness of small components or parts

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